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Advanced Authoring Format

Plugin Programmer's Interface

Reference Manual

SDK Rev 1.1.6


This manual is automatically generated by Doxygen from the AAF IDL files AAF/ref-impl/include/com-api/AAFPlugin.idl and AAF/ref-impl/include/com-api/AAFPluginTypes.idl

If you would prefer to browse it off-line, a zipped copy can be downloaded as pluginapiman.zip or pluginapiman.tgz

This manual is also available in Microsoft HtmlHelp format pluginapi.chm. Note, that recent versions of Microsoft Windows will block html content in downloaded chm files. To resolve this you must download the file and right click on it to open the file's property dialog, then click the "Unblock" button on the "General" tab.

Any corrections or omissions should be drawn to the attention of developers by posting a message on the project discussion forums.


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